I'm Carrie Ishee

I help people overcome limiting beliefs and worn out concepts of self to create:

I help people move past trauma and brokenness to step into wholeness

About Carrie

I am a licensed clinical counselor, art therapist, trauma recovery coach, and award winning author with a private practice in Santa Fe, NM. I specialize in somatic, creative, and expressive approaches to healing.

My healing work is based on a belief that we all long to experience love, connection, purpose, and peace in our lives. I embrace a holistic paradigm that recognizes body, mind, and spirit in the healing process, and help clients learn to love and care for themselves as special and unique beings.

My clinical specialties include substance abuse, sex and love addictions, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, sexual abuse, trauma, and adjustment disorders.

My own experience of healing from soul shattering trauma, documented in Seduced into Darkness: Transcending My Psychiatrist’s Sexual Abuse (which won the 2021 New Mexico Press Women first place award for memoir and the 2021 National Federation of Press Women first place award for memoir) allows me to hold the sacred space and trust in the process of transformation.

I inform the public about mental health issues and the great potential to transform trauma. My heart felt speaking engagements, workshops, social media presence, and online course offerings (in development process) advance healing and connection among trauma survivors.

I am an adjunct faculty member at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM where I periodically teach in the Art Therapy Department.

When not engaged in my professional calling, I enjoy mothering, creating abstract images, singing with my musician husband, hiking with my silly miniature dachshunds, high desert gardening, and immersing myself in the stunning beauty of New Mexico.

How I assist you ...

Based on the findings of modern neuroscience, I take you through a guided journey that helps you:

My mission

is to educate, teach, and inspire others to overcome shame, trauma, heartbreak, and loss and become their best selves.

My purpose

is to be a voice for transformation, help others heal shame and darkness, and inspire authenticity and connection.

My story

 is one of overcoming soul shattering trauma to become a creator of a joyful, purposeful life.

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May you be blessed with resources and connection on your journey to joy, hope, and healing.